How to Shorten a Shotgun Barrel?

The shotgun barrel is a firearm barrel that has an bore, or the internal metal tube of the gun, and the muzzle. The length may vary according to design and use. However, it’s general length ranges from about 50cm (20 inches) for a smoothbore shotgun and up to 90 cm (35 inches) for a rifled slug barrel.

If you want to shorten your shotgun barrel you can cut it with a hacksaw or by using tin snips. You can also use a cutting torch or a very expensive tool that is designed to cut metal. It will use electric power to heat the metal up to a high temperature and then, when it is glowing red, you can make the cut.

Measure Properly Before Shorten Your Shotgun Barrel:

If you’re not sure how to measure the length of a shotgun barrel, use duct tape and measure it by sticking it to your shotgun. When taking a measurement of a shotgun barrel, make sure to take a measurement from the muzzle to the end of the barrel including any chokes or other modifications. This article will show you how to shorten a shotgun barrel. You may be asking yourself “Why would anyone want to shorten their shotgun barrel?” Well, if you’re in an area where having a longer barreled weapon is illegal, you can shorten your shotgun’s barrel down from 20 inches down to 18 inches or less with minimal difficulty.

The most common length of shotgun barrel is 20 inches. The shotgun has a 20-inch barrel. It also has a muzzle brake and a screw-on choke made for turkey hunting. If you want to shorten your gun barrel you can remove the muzzle brake or add a new one (depending on your local laws). You can then add a choke that is more appropriate for use with clay pigeons.

7 Steps/Way You Can Follow To Shorten a Shotgun Barrel:

  1. Cut the barrel from the muzzle end with a hacksaw or tin snips. You can make your cut in stages, cutting off about an inch at a time and then checking if it fits your gun and that you did not damage any other part of the gun.
  2. Make sure that the barrel is pushed all the way back into the gun .
  3. You can then remove some metal from the front of the barrel with a hacksaw or tin snips.
  4. You can also make the cut in stages, cutting off about an inch at a time and then checking if it fits your gun and that you did not damage any other part of the gun.
  5. You can also use a cutting torch to cut the barrel. It’s best to wait until the barrel has cooled down, so you don’t burn yourself on the hot barrel.
  6. Heat up the part of the barrel that you want to remove with the tip of the torch and then push it into your cutting tool and then turn off the flame of your torch and pull them apart.
  7. Lastly, grind away any sharp edges on both sides of your new shortened shotgun barrel with a file or set of sandpaper.

Should You Use a Cutting Torch To Cut a Shotgun Barrel?

It is possible to use a torch to cut a shotgun barrel but not recommended unless you have a very good reason for doing so. If you do not in-fact have a torch, you can use a metal cutting wheel on your drill to cut it. You will need to use a very good cutting wheel and the correct size drill bit for the size of the barrel you’re shortening.

Use a Dremel tool with high speed metal cutting wheel to cut shotgun barrels. This is the most common method used, and will work fine for all shapes and sizes of barrels.

In conclusion, It’s important to remember that you should always double-check your work before finishing it. In addition, you might want to double-check your work before firing the shotgun with the shortened barrel. If your barrel didn’t fit correctly, it could damage the shotgun and put you in an embarrassing situation.

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